Welcome to the website for Andrew Rumbach, Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Colorado Denver.

As a researcher and teacher, I am broadly interested in urban sustainability and community resilience.  My research examines the root causes of environmental risk in cities, with an emphasis on the uneven impact of disasters and climate change. I am also working to better understand local government policies and decision making about disaster mitigation and recovery. My research is based primarily in the United States and India.

At the University of Colorado Denver I teach graduate courses in environmental planning, planning for natural hazards and climate change, and international development. 

I am the co-director of the International Planning Case Studies project, a collaboration between the University of Colorado Denver and the University of Michigan. The project is working to bridge the divide between international development practice and education through practitioner developed, detailed case studies. I also help manage Planning for Hazards: Land Use Solutions for Colorado, an online resource for communities working to build resilience through land-use planning and community development.