Image Credit: The Denver Post

Image Credit: The Denver Post

I teach graduate courses in the Department of Urban & Regional Planning at CU Denver, including Planning for Natural Hazards and Climate Change (URPL 6645), International Development Planning (URPL 6650), and Urban Sustainability (URPL 5040).* I am happy to share my syllabi for any of these classes, just contact me.

I also co-direct of the International Planning Case Studies project, a collaboration between the University of Colorado Denver and the University of Michigan to provide practitioner-developed cases to international planning educators. The library includes cases on a wide variety of development topics and from cities and communities in different regions of the world. You can read about the pedagogical approach of the IPCS project here.

Community and professional engagement is another important part of my pedagogy. In the classroom, I have partnered with communities like the Town of Lyons or organizations like Save the Hills to ground graduate education in the challenges of everyday practice. Outside the classroom, I mentor students interested in planning for natural hazards, climate change, community resilience, and international development.

I also work with the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center to develop and deliver classes on all-hazards approaches to planning and emergency management. I teach several NDPTC courses including Community Resilience (AWR-228), Community Planning for Disaster Recovery (AWR-356) and Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery (PER-304). If you are interested in hosting one of these free, day-long trainings, please contact me.

*I am on sabbatical from the University of Colorado Denver for the academic year 2019-2020.